Service & maintenance

WMF Service

WMF Nederland B.V. has its own service organization. The experience and the excellent service network in the Netherlands guarantee service within 24 hours and the right solution. And they do that 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Your permanent WMF service technician will assist you with his knowledge. This starts with the placement of the coffee machine, perfect adjustment of the coffee, instructions to your staff, the right advice on cleaning agents, maintenance contracts, etc.

Regular maintenance increases the life of your coffee machine. Moreover, the perfectly adjusted coffee machine ensures that you can deliver consistently high coffee quality. Professional maintenance is therefore a meaningful investment and, in the long term, also with regard to satisfied users, is indispensable.

A WMF maintenance contract provides the service you require. The proper functioning and constant coffee quality are guaranteed in this way. As a result, the risk of failure and expensive consequential damage is kept to a minimum.

WMF Service



For the Jura market, we have our own service center for repair service. Even customers who have not concluded a maintenance contract with Jura we provide a replacement machine in case of repair.


Our shop-assistants know the ins and outs of the whole Jura range and can advise you thoroughly about the best and most cost effective choice for your organization.


For business customers we offer the possibility to lease coffee machines (identified by lease option indication in the overview page). You can find the lease rates on the detail page of the machine.